Why the community at Work space is More effective


Why the community at Work space is More effective  Because A workplace where active-togetherness & camaraderie flow can add true value to our professional & personal lives.

We all tend to crave community within our lives. Being a part of something greater than the individual & experiencing a sense of belonging is a common human need. The simple observation that 76 percent of all internet users in India choose to part take in social media accounts, like Facebook or Twitter, is a prime example of our inherent desire to connect.

Looking at norms of the past, individuals have primarily sought to find communities outside of their work-life. These associations may have been found within a book club, yoga studio, political group, sports team, volunteer opportunity, the list goes on and on…

Understanding the value of community & the desire for it is no new concept. However, now more than ever, an opportunity for community within the workplace may hold a variety of significant benefits greater than once realized.

Growing popularity combined with the proven success of many entrepreneurs moving to coworking/shared workspaces shows that the choice can be efficient & impactful for small business founders. Even more advantageous, is the built-in presence of the community.

Let’s explore a few of the game-changers experienced when a work environment encourages community engagement:

  1. Greater Impact & Collaboration:

A workplace that exhibits a more “traditional” model can feel competitive & stale, with very little sense of affinity. Likewise, working freelance or remotely from home or a local coffee shop eventually feels isolating & uninspiring.

Experiencing a workplace where fellow entrepreneurs join together can inspire, generate innovative ideas, & create opportunities for collaboration. Thinking big just may lead to collective success & lasting impact.

  1. Networking & Business Leads:

Shared offices which house a variety of businesses often lead to connections or referrals without much effort. Sharing, suggesting, & wanting the best for other members comes quite naturally when individuals are part of a collective circle. Community is an alliance of individuals who find common-ground & organically intersect.

  1. Tension Reduction:

There is not a single start-up venture, freelancer, or entrepreneur that does not experience hurtles & frustrations along the way. Imagine experiencing those challenges in a space where all others surrounding you are experiencing the same or have previously conquered challenges that come with growing ideas. The creative energy & relatable struggles felt by members within a shared workspace can ease the stress of difficult times, aid in finding solutions, & lend to healthy growth.

  1. Friendship:

Choosing a work environment that cultivates innovative, like-minded people generates personal relationships. This doesn’t mean you have to eat Thanksgiving dinner with each other’s families, but it simply means you know personal things about fellow community members, which creates a sense of connection.

The innate feeling that each member is more than just an employee, that each is a true person with family/interests/hobbies outside of their job, can make coming to your workplace every day more pleasant, more balanced, & more authentic.


Evolve Work Studio, coworking space in Whitefield has all the above-mentioned criteria and a well-built community. Evolve takes care of its community very well by organizing events. Evolve is a budget cowork located in EPIP Zone, near Brookfield, East Bangalore. It is a cowork, office for rent, office on lease and shared office space. The community in Evolve is closely knit.

The virtue of community within our personal lives is nothing new. However, understanding the powerful impact of community within the workplace you choose, is notable.

Many start-ups & individuals are finding a strong sense of community within a coworking model or shared workspace. It seems the “come as you are” attitude, collaborative feel, & clever environment allows introverts & extroverts alike to feel higher satisfaction & more productivity.

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