What are the requirements look into, while stepping inside the Co-working space?

Globally, shared workspaces and coworking spaces have grown at a rate of 200% over the past five years, converting coworking from a trend into an established part of the office space market. Requirements look into, while stepping inside the Co-working space?

Co-Working resembles people gathering to work on either the same or different projects in an accustomed space. Co-working space provides you the same facilities as a traditional office along with the advantages of flexibility, cost-saving, and more convenience.

Working in a  shared workspace makes you more creative and keeps you up with the trends going on in the market as there are multiple businesses working in the same space with you. 

1 Cost

The first and foremost thing to consider is a legitimate cost. You need to make sure the shared office space you are looking for is affordable. Most of the Co-working spaces have cost for everything you need. Furniture and the Internet are basic aspects that you already know. But before looking into only basic charges, do consider the security deposit as a key aspect because it may stretch your budget. 

2 The type of space

A coworking space would usually offer three types of desks in their facilities: A flexible/hot desk, a fixed desk, and a cabin space.

A hot desk is any available workstation in the facility that can be plugged into and worked in.

A fixed desk is a reserved desk that has been allotted to you as per a schedule.

Cabin space is your typical office suite, which is accessible by only you and your team.

A flexible desk would cost the least among them and makes a smart option for freelancers, but it would mean packing up your desk at the end of every day, and that may prove counterproductive and cumbersome to a few.

3 Location

The geographical location of your office is quite an important factor that requires a lot of forethought and priority.

Well connected office space would need to have a good transport network, providing accessibility for the employees as well as to your client base.

4 Amenities

The decision of choosing the amenities and facilities is greatly dependent on the kind of operations you run. There are a few basic amenities that serviced and coworking spaces provide as part of the package:

  • Security
  • Maintenance (Janitorial, Technical support)
  • IT Support
  • Wi-Fi
  • Meeting/ Conference room bookings
  • Stationaries and printer services
  • Pantry/ Cafeteria
  • Parking
  • Power Backup
  • Heating & Ventilation Systems
  • Phone service
  • Lockers/ Storage facilities
  • Mail & Front- Desk services

5 Flexibility

It is important to understand how flexible the place is in terms of timings and future expansions.

Your workspace should be available to use during your work timings and during the off-days that you choose to work on.

Multiple facilities keep their workspaces open for use round the clock but cease operating certain facilities such as front desk services and cafeteria after normal work hours.

6 The Community

The virtue of working in coworking spaces is that you get to view other entrepreneurs and venturers developing their own businesses.

For freelancers This is an excellent networking opportunity to learn, grow, and even develop new client relations – all very important.

So brief research into the individuals and companies that occupy a coworking community would do a lot of good, especially if you are looking to establish relations with your coworking neighbor.

7 Terms and Conditions

Check out the terms and conditions of the co-working space on rent regarding the workspace. Before signing, be clear about move-in/move-out policies as time is the essence for everyone. Make sure you need not wait for the shared space to be ready or the policies of move-out like responsibilities after moving out. Find out the penalties for breaking the lease and its consequences. Don’t miss this part before taking the final call.

Coworking space has become popular in startups and the freelancing world. Whether you are one of the digital publishers, Creative freelancers, or a growing startup, Co-working space provides more opportunities for growth and helps in maintaining work-life balance. This are requirements look into, while stepping inside the Co-working space.

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