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As the #startup industry keeps expanding at unprecedented rates in terms of staff numbers and infrastructure, there is a need for quality #office space that can accommodate all types of companies and individuals. Even now, it isn’t enough for independent #consultants and #freelancers to stay at home and get their work done. They require the professionalism and #freedom that an office space provides. The solutions to all these issues lie in shared office spaces, also known as coworking space. So we introduced Coworking Space in Whitefield — EvolveWorkStudio

These so called coworking space are safe haven for #independent individuals or startups who simply do not have the capital to take up their own dedicated office spaces. These office spaces for rent provide the same comfort and luxury that dedicated office space provide but at fraction of the cost. Not only are these places a location for individuals to work at, but also a place for them to network and find like-minded individuals who have the same interest. We have seen it happening very regularly in our office spaces. In this time of innovation, where talent alone will not suffice, we need to build stronger business partnerships.

The main advantage of coworking spaces is its flexibility. Startups keep evolving depending on the funding they receive or even when their demand increases. To accommodate such changes, they would have to recruit more staff members into their teams. With coworking spaces, there is always a possibility of expansion. Companies can easily add more seats to their roster at the very same shared office space. And with a place like Evolve Work Studio, companies can move into bigger cabins at any time they want. This makes it easier for companies to easily expand without having to worry about infrastructure and facilities cost. They won’t have to uproot their entire operation when they thing about expanding their team.

All in all, coworking spaces are being able to provide certain luxuries that most dedicated office spaces haven’t been able to provide. In the future of commercial real estate, coworking spaces are definitely going to be an option for even big firms.Coworking Space in Whitefield — EvolveWorkStudio

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