Best Private Office for Small, medium large Companies

We at Evolve Work Studio understand  the importance and role of dedicated space when it comes to business performance and success. In order to provide the exact workspace which highly motivated and passionate teams are looking for, Evolve Work Studio provides specifically designed, fully furnished private offices in Whitefield, Bangalore.Best Private Office for Small, medium large Companies

Private Cabin office space provided by us not only focus on offering unruffled space but also ensure tranquility in the surroundings so that the working professionals could concentrate on their peak and hence deliver their best. We offer a variety of private offices in terms of size that can accommodate your team size with the utmost ease. This enables you to pay for only and exactly what you have been using.

Advantages of Private offices in Evolve Work Studio:

Evolve work studio located in EPIP Zone, Whitefield, Bangalore is a budget cowork and provides all the facilities needed by the members. The composition of our private offices is structured in such a manner so as to keep the entrepreneur in you alive and always striving for excellence. The trending and hip interiors for the youngster in you combined with the workgroup around will allow you to push your limits, day after day.

  1. Ambiance: The Private office spaces are well furnished with a ‘coffee shop feel’ to it to keep you in the mood to work. You get more storage facilities to store your personal belongings. The walls look less like a wall and more like a motivational space to work out your ideas and implement them.
  2. Privacy: Keep your phone conversations with clients and vendors private inside your personal space and interact with like-minded individuals in your own personal time. This will give you time and space to manage collaboration with other entrepreneurs and handle your personal operations efficiently.
  3. Concentration: There will be times when you need the absence of noise when handling high-pressure situations or the development of an idea. A personal atmosphere enclosed with your personal belongings enables better concentration.

The facilities accompanying our office spaces are:

  1. Individual storage units with locks to keep your gadgets and personal documents safe and secure.
  2.  High-speed internet so that you can sit back and breeze through your day to day activities.
  3. Vibrant business lounge to carry out business meetings and for your personal time.

Electricity backup so that you do not waste even a single second of your work schedule.

  1. Multiple plug ports to connect all your gadgets and equipment.
  2. Ergonomic swivel chairs that give you a healthy seating posture and allow you to work better.
  3. Round the clock camera surveillance for better security and immunity to loss of items.
  4. Complimentary beverages to keep you going throughout the day.


Our Value-added services for shared office spaces include:

  1. In-house printing and scanning options to keep your worry off logistical hassles.
  2. Mailbox facility to send and receive important business documents, cheques, and invoices.
  3. Expert advice on technology from veterans on matters such as design, technology and funding problems.
  4. A professional business address in Whitefield – IT hub of Bangalore which is most sought out in today’s era.




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